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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

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Apples, apples everywhere. An apple a day keeps the Dr. away.

As fall approaches most people think of the delicious aroma of apples and cinnamon, reminding us of childhood sweets or the goodness of home baked treats. There are the few who don't particularly enjoy the aroma, however I am not one of them. I love the way the spicy smell permeates a room. And that aroma is good for us in more ways than one. Whether it is a homemade treat or a room spritz, the scent automatically lifts our spirits and calms our minds. It is a warming, spicy, and dare I say even sensual fragrance. Spicy cinnamon alone has so many scentsational benefits to our bodies, minds and spirits, and when paired with the freshness of apples, just yum! So here are a few good reasons to add this beautiful aromatic to your daily routine this fall.

Cinnamon is an uncommonly known aphrodisiac lending its sensual aroma to almost any pairing. Whether eating it, drinking it, massage oil or fragrance adding a little cinnamon is sure to help spice things up.

Cinnamon is warming, stimulating and energizing and when paired with the sweet fresh apple it is relaxing and cozy.

Apple Cinnamon aroma also helps boost immunity to fight off colds and flus.

The warming sensation relaxes and soothes aching tired muscles.

Try it yourself and see how this wonderful fragrance can help you this fall. Buy a candle, use it in the diffuser, add a little to your milk, play with a massage oil, or enjoy a bath wash. In my opinion it's just not fall without Apple Cinnamon permeating the home.

Warning note:

Cinnamon is a strong essential oil and best not used in a soaking bath and never used neat from the bottle

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