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Finding Yourself

Love is universal and multifaceted. We have a different type of love for all the people and things in our lives. The hardest and most fulfilling though is self love. If we could move past what we have been conditioned to believe, what media and peers have ingrained in our minds we can find a truth that sets us free. No matter our skin type, body type or hair type, we are ALL BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE as flowers in a field. Just as a snowflake where no two are the same but yet each is magnificent in it's intricacies, so are we as humans. When we free ourselves of others expectations and live our lives in love with ourselves, we find we are more receptive of love and joy, we are more open to love others, we find a confidence that was missing. When we love ourselves we treat ourselves with more respect and our physical, mental and spiritual selves rejoice and all those things we thought were hard just become natural. Diets don't work, over night miracle drugs and cosmetics don't work, all the self help gurus and religions in the world don't work, unless you learn to love yourself these things are only passing moments in a lifetime spent mired in quicksand where you take one step forward only to be sucked back down sometimes even further. Learn to love who you are, just as you are and suddenly all those flaws become like dandelion fluff in the wind. Treat your mind, body and spirit as the temple it is, do not let others define you, as the sands of time, our perceptions are in constant motion and change. They say beauty is from the inside, it is true, that beauty comes from a confident soul in love with the body and mind it resides in.

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