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Why Use A Toner?

To tone or not to tone? That is the question, and it is a very good question. I grew up in an old fashioned house hold that did not emphasize skin care or cosmetics. I just sorta figured my way around with lipstick and mascara as I grew up and emulated others. I didn't understand what I was putting on my face and body and what it could do to my skin, I just wanted to be pretty like everyone else. Well, as the saying goes live and learn, and so I have. As I age, and knocking on fifties door, I have learned to love my skin and what I put on it. I have learned a beauty regime is more than slathering some thick oily substance all over my face to cover up the flaws and then powdering to remove the oily shine, thus trapping chemical induced oils into my pores which didn't get nothing more than a wash in the bath or shower to remove. So how does this apply to using a toner you ask. In my own way I am getting to that. Now, I am not against using make up, it is a personal decision each of us make to enhance our features and hide our flaws. Our skin takes all the punishment from this however, and to help battle the damages we develop a beauty regime. Step one is cleansing our skin preferably with a natural cleansing wash to remove all the makeup, oils and yes I'm going to say it, grime from the day, there are pollutants in the air that sticks to our skin even when we are not aware of it. Step 2 is a toner, a toner helps replenish the PH balance in the skin and remove anything left behind from the wash. Step 3 is a moisturizer to help keep our skin soft and supple. Step 4 is a toner, yep we do it one more time, this time as a spritz to help close the pores opened up by moisturizing, helping to hold the moisture in and block out the bad stuff. So to tone or not to tone is a personal choice and you will find lots of advice out there on the internet that are for and against it. You have to make the decision for yourself and if you do tone, choose one that is suited to your unique skin and preferably all natural. Love yourself and your skin!

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